Friday, April 30, 2010

WSPR receive and flea market

Using the same equipment and QTH as last time I now finally tried the WSPR system that I´ve heard a lot about lately. I only run with receive but I hope to be able to transmit sometime soon. Basically WSPR is a narrow digital mode to be used as a beacon. When you receive and decode a WSPR station, which is done automatically in the software, it uploads the spot to a central database and can be tracked by other users.

Here are a few links to get more information about WSPR:

Here are the 2 most noteworthy catches in terms of power and distance:

G4PEC 30m 0.001W 1060km

RA9CUA 17m 2W 2710km

The complete log can be found here:

WSPR log SA5BKE 20100417

This weekend I also went to some flea markets to look for interesting equipment. I came home with these things:

2 Valve radios that of course included variable capacitors, an old box with big variable resistors, some kind of alarm controller (atleast a box for other project) and an equalizer. Also got some telescopic antennas and cables (twin lead and speaker cable). I didn´t pay much, so I think it was a bargain!

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