Sunday, August 29, 2010


Summer of 2010 has been one of the better ones. Very pleasant weather and  I have been home with my son for a couple of months. It has not been that much time for radio. I have done some listening and few times  been working on some test equipment, but that will be covered in a post within a few weeks. I have also had my HF band debut, but I give a report on that within in some day or so.

Here are some other points from the last months:

I have mentioned earlier some interference problem when using the QS1R SDR receiver. One easy solution that I tried and seemed to work was to solder a connector to the 5 V connection in the PC power supply. A lot cleaner than the switching power supply I used earlier. Old PC power supplies can be had for free so maybe I should take use of them more. I also plan to make a 12V->5V regulator to try to run the QS1R from batteries together with the laptop.

A 9:1 un:un for random longwires has been made. See image below. No transmitting with it yet.

Texas Instruments has released a micro controller development board called Launch Pad . It was available for $4, so I ordered one. Maybe they want to compete with Arduino ? The package came and below is a photo of the content. I have not played with it much yet.

I do some shopping on Ebay and mostly from far east. My understanding has been that when I order cheap stuff with low or no shipping cost I take the risk if it gets lost. I ordered some parts from Thai Shop Etc and when I hadn´t received it within a month I started to think I was "scammed". But when I contacted them they said they either will refund me or send the stuff again. I choose the latter and within a week I had it in my hands. Very good service! So I would say that I recommend them.

and last:

The Medium Wave DX season 2010-11 has started when I received some common stations from North American on the 21 August. 1130 WBBR, New York as always the strongest.

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