Sunday, November 21, 2010

Linux and LTspice

I finally changed over (or should I say back) my main desktop to Linux. This time it is 64 bit Ubuntu 10.10. I have been running Linux for the last 15 years or so, but changed to Windows some year ago and one of the reasons was that the SDR software I wanted to use was only available for Windows. But now I felt it was time to go back. I have not run Ubuntu earlier, previously it has been Slackware, Debian and OpenSuse (in that order in time), but I can only say that I am impressed with Ubuntu today. Everything worked "out of the box". No fiddling with drivers as it has been in the past.

This Saturday I attended a meeting in the ham club with the topic LTspice. If you have not heard about it earlier, it is a software that can simulate circuits. A very good tool I think. The introduction was held by Volker SM5ZBS. You can check out his homepage. It is in German but I think it is interesting and can be translated if needed. On the screen above you see my new Ubuntu desktop and LTspice which is a Microsoft Windows software is running. You may ask how that works? It is running in Wine, a tool in Linux that makes it possible for some Windows software to run in Linux. Works great!

By the way, the circuit that I have laid out is a audio filter I found in chapter 15 in the book CRYSTAL SETS TO SIDEBAND by Frank W. Harris, KØIYE. It a free download as everything I mentioned in this post!

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  1. Nice post Eric... I was looking for this info for a long time.

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