Tuesday, August 30, 2011

80m BPF

A band-pass filter for 80 meter band.
The simple direct conversion receiver I built a while ago works great when used daytime but on the evenings it will get overloaded by broadcasters. Maybe I can cure that with a better Band-pass filter. So I built one.  I used the values that I found at W8DIZ site, but with some variation to fit what I had in the junk box. As you can see it is built 'ugly' on a PCB. I am using SMA connectors as I was able to buy a large number that probably will last for many years to come.

Tuning and measuring the band pass filter with the MiniVNA Pro

Now using the miniVNA pro and the VNA/J software a can tune and align the filter as I want to have it. The nice thing is that you run the VNA continuously so I see right away on the screen how to filter looks like. This was the end result: 

VNA/J showing the 80 m BPF curve

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