Sunday, October 16, 2011

Softrock Ensemble II VHF

I finally started to build on one of my Softrock kits that I got lying here. My wife and son was away one Friday night and I could start building and continue uninterrupted for a few hours. It went smooth, apart from a problem soldering the Si570 where I thought that all three pads on each side where to be soldered together. No contact from the AVR to the Si570 so I just had to use the wick to remove some solder.  Two build sessions  after that and I could listen to the local repeater! A big thanks of course to Tony KB9YIG for providing the kits and Robby WB5RBZ for excellent build instructions. I still have some tweaking to do as the image rejection is not 100% but for now I consider this project done. I will now start with a Softrock receiver specially aimed for the Broadcast AM band. I will later make the same kind of enclosure to both these receivers.

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