Friday, March 23, 2012

CW keyer

I have built a CW keyer. I can not copy CW very well but the main use for this one is for a beacon. I also added the 'paddles' to the circuit, but that is just for testing it out and not so practical to use. I searched around a bit to try to find a suitable software. I wanted it to be open source software and use an Atmel MCU. So I found . It is basically just a few components, Attiny45, voltage regulator and a piezo buzzer . Here is a video:

The user interface is via CW and I have not yet programmed it for beacon use. When I put it that service I can just move the chip over. We will see when that happens. So many interesting projects going on at the same time. This is a fun hobby!


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  2. Great stuff Eric. I wanna add something like that on HamSphere. Can we use your article and link to it? Our users are desperate for keyers. 73 de 5B4AIT