Monday, February 21, 2011

Softrock Lite II receiver for 30 m

Finally. I´ve had this SDR kit in my drawer for over 1 year, but now it´s built and seems to be working fine.

Below a few pictures. As it´s late and my antennas is nothing to talk about here in the apartment, 30 meter is dead. So I´m using the signal generator that I described earlier. I of course want to use Linux but as Rocky seems to be the software suggested to start with I wanted to lower the numbers of 'unknowns' and get it running. And it did! The mirror images was easily suppressed. Below is a picture of WRPlus that I tried after Rocky:

Here are two pictures of the temporary test setup...

The SDR-Widget is now housed in a  box, temporarily. I have not flashed the firmware yet to allow 192 kHz usage. Will do that later, when I will try to get it running in Linux.

And to end with, some close up pictures on the board. The coax connection isn´t the prettiest, but it seems to work while testing. I will have do redo that when I put in a permanent box.

My SMD soldering skills has been improved and now I feel confident to go ahead with other bigger project.  


  1. Hello Eric,

    It is a great moment, when a new project is ready for testing.
    Tomorrow the band will be open, so good luck in testing and using.

    73, Bert PA1B

  2. Hi Eric, I got your comment on my blog - I didn't know I had any "anonymous" readers! Nice to meet you. I've subscribed to your blog and hope you'll continue to read and enjoy (and comment on!) mine. 73s!

  3. Nice! And as promised, you won the "race" ;-) My RTXT ensemble still requires works to be done...
    73, Joachim pa1gsj